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Welcome to Accessing the Magic!

My name is Jessie Howell and I am an independent travel agent with Destinations to Explore, an authorized Disney vacation planner.

Why Accessing the Magic

I’ve always loved traveling. I believe that traveling and seeing God’s creation is good for the soul, and I want to make that possible for everyone!

I believe that everyone should have access to the magic and be able to enjoy their vacations to the fullest. That’s why I’m calling my site, Accessing the Magic!

This especially includes those who are or may have a loved one with special needs.  With my personal experience in travelling with those with special needs, I can make your dream vacation a reality.

Cinderella's Castle 2015
Ashley, Jessie, and Emma Howell at Disneyworld’s Magic Kindgom in 2015

Destinations in Florida

(aka Destinations to Explore)

I have been given the amazing opportunity to work with Destinations in Florida to achieve MY dream.

With Destinations I plan to continue my certifications to include Universal, Seaworld, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and many more! Check back soon for more amazing travel opportunities.

Why Disney World is my Favorite

While I do plan to expand to other travel providers, Disney will always be my favorite. Want to know why? Because I’ve been able to experience their special needs accessibility first hand!

Special Needs at Disney world

Haunted Mansion, Disneyworld 2016
The Howells and Altmans at Disneyworld’s Haunted Mansion 2016

Everyone has a dream. If you or a loved one has a special need and your dream is to visit Disney, I can help make your dreams a reality.

From food allergies to wheelchair users to the hearing impaired  to PTSD and anxiety disorders, Disney has done everything in their power to make our vacations perfect.

With my help, I can make sure you have every resource that Disney has to offer at your disposal.

Let me plan your dream vacation for you!

Planning Your Dream

Do you know the best part of hiring a Disney Vacation Planner? There’s no additional cost for you! That’s right! The price that you will pay planning your vacation yourself through the Disney website is the same as me doing all of the work for you!

Why not let me book your resort, tickets, and dining reservations? It’s FREE.

Contact Me Today

I can be reached at jessie@accessingthemagic.com or by phone at 803-308-1130.

Travel Resources

I plan to write about our travel experiences and I hope they’ll provide great travel tips for you and your family.

Check back soon for more posts on your favorite destinations.

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