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The Traveling Howells Family Vacations

Welcome to the Traveling Howells

Hey y’all! I’m Jessie, I’m a wife, mother, independent travel agent, and a Disney nerd. My husband is Ashley and our little girl is Emma. Together, we’re the Traveling Howells!

Our little family of 3 loves traveling (obviously), and we want to share that love with others. Wanna know how we got started?

I’m a native of South Carolina, but Ashley is originally from Louisiana, which has meant lots of road trips over the years.

Family Vacation Blog, Traveling Howells, family vacations, family travel, family cruiseHow did we meet, you ask?

Picture it – South Carolina, the year 2000 – two babies starting college at a little Bible College in the tiny town of Orangeburg.

Not exactly love at first sight, but we did manage to start dating in 2002 and ended up married in 2005.

Since we were babies ourselves, we waited 9 years before having our little Emma in 2014.

In addition to our many road trips over the years, we’ve traveled all over the United States, Mexico, Bermuda, and a few places in between.

Through our travels, we’ve learned the importance of sharing experiences with our family. Now, we want to share that passion with everyone.

How did I get here? 

Since getting married, we realized how much we enjoyed planning out and documenting our travel experiences. In 2018, I decided to put this passion to good use and become an independent travel agent.

It has been so fulfilling to be watch others use my travel expertise to make their own lasting memories.

We’ve decided to take our trip documentation to the next level and share more of our experiences with others!

We hope you enjoy as we share our travel adventures with you!

The Howells