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Making Disney Magic at the Dollar Tree, Accessing the Magic

Making Disney Magic at the Dollar Tree

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Dollar Tree Finds for your Disney Vacation, Making Disney Magic at the Dollar TreeAre you looking for a few simple ways to cut down on your Disney Budget? If you haven’t already, check out my blog post Going to Disney on a Budget for a broader look at saving for Disney.
Now, I want to share a little obsession that this momma has – Dollar Tree.
I really do have a problem; I LOVE Dollar Tree. I could just cruise around there all day. It drives my husband crazy. But seriously, you never know what you’re going to find, plus when I shop at Dollar Tree I spend my money any way I want.

Making Disney Magic at the Dollar Tree

I’m going to share some of the ways I make a little Disney Magic while saving money with items from Dollar Tree.

Magic Bands

DIY Magic Bands, Making Disney Magic at the Dollar Tree
Princess Magic Bands created using puff paint and Dollar Tree Tattoos

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Magic Bands that Disney makes, but when I’m trying to save a little bit of money I’m all about thrifting (it’s the Southern mom in me).

Check out these super cute Magic Bands I’ve made over the years.DIY Princess Magic Bands, Making Disney Magic at the Dollar Tree

Wanna know my secret? Dollar Tree Tattoos, puff paint, and clear nail polish, seriously.
Dollar Tree normally has a great selection of tattoos – from princesses to Star Wars – you can usually find the perfect ones for your Princess, Avenger, or Star Wars fan.

Wanna know how it’s done? Apply your tattoos as you normally would, allow to dry, then cover with clear finger nail polish. Be prepared – the band will look shiny, but oh so awesome.

Glow SticksGlow sticks at Dollar Tree for your Disney Vacation, Making Disney Magic at the Dollar Tree, Dollar Tree Finds for your Disney Vacation

Who doesn’t like glow sticks? Well, Disney REALLY likes theirs. Emma likes to have some for the parades and the Fantasmic show, but I don’t really want to shell out the extra money when I don’t have to.

Dollar Tree to the rescue! DT usually has a great selection and wide variety. I’ve even come across Disney character wands.

Water Bottles

We drink a lot of water at the World. I mean, when you’re averaging 10 miles a day walking you need your fluids. Plus…we’re thrifty (I refuse to say cheap). Did you know a cup of water is free at Disney? That’s right, FREE. We usually fill our water bottles so we don’t have to keep asking for cups, but the same concept.

I have a confession. While Emma uses the cute Dollar Tree bottles, Ashley and I don’t. These are the bottles we use, and we love them! They filter the water for you, and we haven’t had to change the filters yet.

Clothes basket, so mama doesn’t lose it

Do you like to have a neat room when you come back to your resort room for a rest? I do too, but it’s so much harder to keep a neat room with a little one running around.

Then I discovered the collapsible clothes baskets at DT. They work great for separating clothes and holding extras like toys. Since they’re collapsible they hardly take any room to pack. Go grab some clothes baskets!


I have a confession: I’m a germaphobe, and I’m not recovering.

That being said, DT has a great selection of wipes – Clorox and antibacterial as well as lots and lots of hand sanitizer. I mean, I’m not saying kids are germy but…kids are germy – cute but germy. Plus when you’re in such close quarters with other people, you can’t be too safe right? Right!


There are great sit down dining options at Disney. My favorite is Be Our Guest, but sitting down for a nice dinner can be kind of hard with little ones. Dollar Tree to the rescue! They have Disney themed action figures, drawing/coloring pads, and other little quiet but fun activities. Splurge and buy a few.

Here’s just a few that I’ve come across lately. These also work great if you have a long car ride to Disney.

Disney activity packs from Dollar Tree, Making Disney Magic at the Dollar Tree, Dollar Tree Finds for your Disney Vacation
Disney activity packs from Dollar Tree

Breakfast & SnacksDollar Tree Breakfast ideas for your Disney Vacation, Making Disney Magic at the Dollar Tree, Dollar Tree Finds for your Disney Vacation

We really enjoy trying all of the fun snacks and and meals in the parks, who doesn’t? But sometimes you can save a little jSnacks from Dollar Tree for your Disney Vacation, Making Disney Magic at the Dollar Tree, Dollar Tree Finds for your Disney Vacationust by eating one meal or snack in your room instead of in the park.

I like to take it easy in the mornings and take our time getting ready before we hit the parks. We’ve actually saved a good bit over the years by eating breakfast in our rooms. I realize that this won’t work for everyone, especially if you’ve decided to go with one of Disney’s dining plans. The dining plans are a great option for families that have more than one child, but for us it hasn’t really been worth it yet. Emma eats a bean, and she’s done for the day. That being said, I’m sure as she gets older her appetite will even out, and we’ll explore the dining plans more.

Now moving on to what Dollar Tree has to offer. They have a great selection of cereals, pop tarts, oatmeal, puddings, cookies, peanuts, etc., and most of them come in convenient single serve bags that you could actually carry into the park if you wanted. They even have shelf stable milk so you don’t have to worry about refrigerating beforehand.

PonchosDollar Tree Deals for Disney, Making Disney Magic at the Dollar Tree, Dollar Tree Finds for your Disney Vacation

Sometimes it does rain on your parade. That’s ok, DT has ponchos! We usually take several for the week just in case and they fit great in a small bag.
Have a stroller? I’ve even bought the plastic clothes pins and used them to secure the ponchos in place. See? Thrifty!

**Update: if you don’t have time to run by Dollar Tree or if you’d just like something a little more colorful, check out these ponchos on Amazon. They’re even around the same price!

Tell them Jessie sent you

No, don’t, they might think you’re crazy. Really, just go check out what your Dollar Tree has to offer.

Hopefully, this list will help you make your own Disney Magic.

What are some of your favorite Dollar Tree finds? Comment below with your own great savings tips.

Don’t forget that I can help you plan your dream vacation! Contact me today for a free quote. Oh, and remember, my services are absolutely FREE to you =) Happy shopping!

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  1. Sarah Shapley

    I found some cute Disney paper cups to use in the room when we go to Disney World. And lots of star wars toys! I found hot wheels star wars ships last year and gave them to my boys for Christmas. I absolutely love shopping at the dollar tree and shopping sales and clearance!!! I’m a thrifty Mama too. 😉

    1. Jessie

      Hurray for the thrifty mama’s out there! Thanks for sharing!

  2. EricSusic

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    1. Jessie

      Thank you for reading!

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