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Disability Access Service Card Review for Disney World

DAS Card Review

A Real Mom's Review of the Disability Access Service Card at Disney World, DAS Card at Disney World, Disability Access Service Card at Disney World, Autism at Disney World, PTSD at Disney World

Is the DAS card right for you? Now that you know a little bit more about the DAS Card from my previous article, let’s find out if it can help you!
I’ve asked a real mom to share her personal experience with us on how it worked out for her and her family.

DAS Disability Access Card at Disney WorldSarah’s family took a trip with me this past March. When we started planning last year,  she shared her concerns for her “little” man.  Could these concerns be avoided during their stay?

I suggested the Disability Access Service Card, and the rest is magic =)

Check out what Sarah thought about using it for the needs of her, her little, and the family.

DAS Disability Access Card at Disney World

Something important to keep in mind is that while it is called the Disability Access Service Card, this service isn’t a physical card. The DAS will be loaded on to your ticket or magic band.

Here’s what Sarah had to say about the registration process:

It was super easy to get.

We went to the Main St. Chamber of Commerce (you can also get them at City Hall) and they got us all set up very quickly.


They only asked what my concerns were for Jonathan. They didn’t ask anything about his medical conditions (medical laws prohibit them from asking.). 

Note: Keep in mind that privacy laws do not allow Cast Members (CM) to ask what medical condition you have. CM’s will stop you if you try to tell them your exact medical condition.

Jessie here! As a mom with anxiety, I know know it can be nerve wracking trying to explain a disability to someone. Remember that cast members will do what they can to help you and your family make the most of your trip.

DAS Disability Access Card at Disney World

People have asked me exactly how the DAS Card works. Sarah was kind enough to take us step by step through the process:

I would take him [her son] to the fast pass line and tell the Cast Members there that we needed the medical pass.


They scanned his band and gave us a return time (the time of the current wait time).

For example, if we scanned his band at 2PM and the standby wait time was 60 minutes they would tell us to come back after 3PM. The important thing with this is that it didn’t have to be exactly at 3. It could be any time after 3.


We went and rode other rides or ate snacks while we waited. When it was time, we just went through the fast pass line just like with regular fast passes.

Note: There are Guest Experience Teams located around the parks that can also give you a return time using your DAS. To find a location, check out the My Disney Experience App.

No stress, no heat exhaustion, no meltdowns, just fun!

Sounds magical doesn’t it? It should! It’s Disney World!

DAS Disability Access Card at Disney World

As always, there are some important details that you need to know before starting to use your DAS card. Here’s a few that Sarah mentioned:

One very important thing to note is that when we went through the fast pass line Jonathan had to go first and we all had to go through with him. We joked and told him he held the magic key. 😉


We could only have one DAS pass at a time, but as soon as we used one, we could get another one by visiting whichever ride we wanted.

A few times they would tell us that our pass for the previous ride we had ridden was still on there. I just told them we had already ridden it and they changed the pass to the ride we were at.

DAS Disability Access Card at Disney World

It was definitely a blessing for us with our sweet boy who can’t stand the heat.

For this first time family, it was a must and gave them just a little extra magic.

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your honest opinion on the Disability Access Service (DAS) Card, and for explaining how it worked for you and your family.

DAS Disability Access Card at Disney World

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