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A Quick Guide to Disney's DAS Card ⋆ Accessing the Magic Travel

A Quick Guide to Disney’s DAS Card

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One thing I’ve learned is that not all disabilities are visible.

No matter the disability, everyone deserves to enjoy their vacation. Disabilities don’t have to mean limitations. One way that Disney has stepped up for those with unseen disabilities is with their Disability Access Service Card.

In this post, I’m going to share a little more about how this card can benefit you and your group if you have a disability.

I’ll also be sharing how one of our friends used it for their family trip =)

What’s a Disability Access Card (DAS)?

  • Here’s the short and to the point answer: The DAS Card allows guests with disabilities at Disney World and Disneyland to receive a return time for attractions based on the queues current wait time.

Guys, this is not a get-out-of-jail-free-card for those who don’t want to wait in line.  The DAS card is for individuals who cannot wait in conventional queue due to a disability. 

What types of disabilities does it cover?

  • While this card is primarily for non-apparent disabilities, Disney does try to accommodate everyone’s individual needs.
It’s impossible to list all of the non-apparent disabilities that this card could cover, but here are a few examples of ones that others have asked about:
  • Autism, chronic illnesses, PTSD, SPD
And the list goes on. If you’re unsure if your disability would be covered, speak to someone at guest relations. Cast Members are there to help, and make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible.

Where do I apply for a DAS card?

  • You can apply for DAS cards at Guest Relations at the entrance of any of the parks.

How does it work?

Legally, no one can ask you about your disability, that will not be one of their questions. They will want to know your concern and how the DAS card will help you.

  • Registration is simple.
    • Tell them your concern.
    • Take a picture
    • Link the tickets of those in your party
    • Done
  • To receive an attraction return time:
    • Visit the attraction (at Disney World) or an attraction kiosk (at Disneyland)
    • Locate a Cast Member (CM) at the Fastpass line and tell them you need a medical pass return time.
    • The CM will scan your Magic Band (Disney World), then give you a return time based on the current wait.
    • Return anytime during or after your return time and enter the Fastpass line.

*One important note, you can only receive one return time at a time*

Can I still use my Fastpasses?

  • Yes, this is in addition to regular Fastpasses.

Who can use my DAS card?

  • According to Disney’s website, anyone in your party can request a return time for an attraction, but the person holding the medical pass must be present on the return.

How long is my DAS card good for?

  • During your whole stay (up to 14 days).

Can you apply for it before you travel?

  • Nope, this has to be done in person.

What do others have to say about their DAS experience?

Overall, the DAS card is an awesome resource for those who can’t stand in lines for a long period of time. If that sounds like you or your loved one, chances are you qualify for the DAS card. – Sarah

Have a question that I didn’t cover?

Drop me a line or comment below and I’ll be happy to find the answer =)

Would you like to read a review from someone who used the DAS card recently? Stay tuned for Sarah’s DAS review.

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