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About Accessing the Magic ⋆ Accessing the Magic Travel

I am a certified travel professional and your very own vacation planning guru.

I was born and raised in South Carolina as a good ‘ole country girl.

As the baby of the family (and a girl), I had a lot to prove. I quickly learned my way around horses, cows, ducks, and chickens, BUT my true passion was becoming a Disney Princess.

With my first “big girl” theater movie (The Little Mermaid), I was hooked. Of course, as a grown woman of 5 years old, I also proactively started looking for my true love.

Well, my true love didn’t decide to make an entrance into my life until 2000.

Ashley and I met in college, became friends, started dating in 2002, got hitched in 2005 and 9 years later started a family.

Woo, quite the whirlwind of every day life.

In 2006, I graduated from College with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Ministries with a minor in Business.

We’ve always been a traveling family – from Alaska to Louisiana, we LOVE family vacations.

But I felt like something was missing.

Then in 2015, we finally made it to Disney World.

Guys, the 9 year old princess inside me has never been more excited. She finally made it, and she enjoyed every meet & greet, show, ride, and dinner more than the kids.

Then I realized, everyone deserves to have this feeling. Everyone deserves deserves the chance to have a vacation of a lifetime. To live out their childhood dream.

All of a sudden, I had a new dream.

To make sure that every family gets to live out their dream vacation

My chance didn’t come until 2017.

With the help of Destinations to Explore and Destinations in Florida, I took the plunge and began training.

And here I am ready, willing, and able to make your vacation dreams a reality.

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